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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Alcazar - Dancefloor deluxe

Disc 1
01. This is the world we live in
02. Physical
03. Start the fire
04. Love life
05. Someday (Unreleased single mix)
06. Ménage à trois
07. Not a sinner nor a saint
08. Don't you want me (Almighty radio edit)
09. Sexual guarantee
10. Ritmo del amor (Radio edit)
11. Crying at the discoteque
12. Shine on

Disc 2
01. Intro : Dancefloor deluxe
02. This is the world we live in (Soundfactory Club Anthem)
03. Start the fire (Original version)
04. Sexual guarantee (Almighty remix)
05. Paradise (Fl's Re-Invention Club mix)
06. Someday (Studio 54 Revival remix)
07. Ménage à trois (J. Pipe Smooth Club edit)
08. Shine on (Suezia Remix radio edit)
09. Don't you want me (Wild Cowboys Blonde Radio mix)
10. Physical (Original version)
11. Not a sinner nor a saint (Disco Club mix)
12. Save my pride (Original edit)
13. Dance with the DJ (Original edit)
14. Love life (Fl's Rebirth Club mix)
15. Crying at the discoteque (Special Extended Show version)