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Friday, June 24, 2011

Beats and Styles - Schizosonics

01. 15 Seconds of fame (Feat. Alexandra Alexis & Jus Red)
02. Friend (Feat. Justin Taylor)
03. Falling Down
04. When it feels so natural (Feat. Max´c & Papa Dee)
05. Put yours here, I´ll put mine there (Feat. MC Scholar)
06. Shock to the system (Feat. Michael Monroe)
07. Live fast, die young (Feat. Kim Herold)
08. Tomorrow here I come
09. Get away (Feat. the Schizosonics)
10. Musical healing (Feat. Richie Don & Papa Dee)
11. Go! (Strenght of mind) (Feat. Tommi Evilä) (Bonus)